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Experience Toyota and Lexus Recall Lawyer

Have you been injured in a Toyota or Lexus Accident?
Defective Toyota and Lexus Gas Pedals and Defective Floor Mats Linked to Deadly Accidents!

If you or a loved one has been in an accident caused by a faulty gas pedal and floor mats in one of the recalled Toyota or Lexus vehicles, we urge you to contact qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable legal counsel today to determine your possible legal rights to financial compensation.

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 Toyota/Lexus Recall Lawyer

Toyota Lawyer  Toyota Lawyer
Toyota Recall Lawyer

Millions of Toyota and Lexus Vehicles Recalled Due to
Defective Gas Pedals, Floor Mat Problems.

The gas pedals in nearly four million Toyota and Lexus vehicles may be defective and can be pinned by floor mats, causing the vehicles to speed out of control. Drivers and passengers have been killed or seriously injured in accidents blamed on defective gas pedals and floor mats.

Toyota Motor Corp. recently announced a massive recall and said it would either fix or replace the gas pedals in millions of vehicles. An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer and three members of his family were killed when the accelerator in their Lexus ES350 became stuck. An investigation into the cause of the accident determined the floor mats in the vehicle were not the right size for the car and had pinned the accelerator to the floor.

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Toyota and Lexus Defect Repairs to be Made: In addition to reconfiguring the gas pedals in the recalled vehicles, affected Lexus ES350, Camry, and Avalon models also will undergo repairs designed to reshape the floor surface beneath the pedal and create more room between the accelerator pedal and the floor board. Also, the Camry, Avalon, and Lexus ES350, IS350 and IS250 models involved in the recall will have a brake override system installed to cut engine power in the event the accelerator and brake pedals are pressed at the same time.

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